GEB Feature Graphic May 2018And we think it’s contagious! Check out these steamy reads to get your heart pumping. The chill of winter is finally gone and love is in the air!

ctm-cover_updated-500-tessa-fairfaxCOME TO ME (Rogues of Rouen Book 1)  by Oberon Wonch writing as Tessa Fairfax

Bridget of Shyleburgh has been secretly in love with Grégoire FitzHenri, the new Earl of Shyleburgh, since he was a dashing young warrior. But now she’s been tasked with translating for him as he courts his betrothed. His delicious words of love, his wicked glances of desire are all meant for someone else…aren’t they?

Escape with Tessa Fairfax at Amazon


SomethingInTheCoffee-2700SOMETHING IN THE COFFEE  by Rose Maybud

Lawyers + Love + Magic = One Wild Party!
When Eileen’s well-meaning fiancé Alex puts a love potion in the office coffee pot at their stuffy law office, he just wants a friendlier office environment. Neither of them expects their uptight colleagues to lose their briefs and get down during billable hours.
Now everyone has hooked up with the wrong person. What can Alex do to sort out the complicated tangle of mismatched lovers and win back Eileen’s heart?  To find out, read this funny, sexy romance novel today!   Escape with Rose Maybud at Amazon


519Vv1O-aDLBETTING ON LOVE by Jan Scarbrough

Sarah Colby always believed she’d recognize her one true love from his very first kiss. It had been true for her parents, so why not her? Sarah also understands gambling. The daughter of a horse trainer, she’d spent her early years living the vagabond life around horse tracks. But now she’s ready for the biggest gamble of her life when her friends and her matchmaking aunt encourage her to go after a sexy bachelor with an aversion to settling down.

Escape with Jan Scarbrough at Amazon

macmeans-whiskeyTHE WHISKY LAIRD’S BED (Rake Patrol Book 2)  by Donna MacMeans

Temperance loyalist, Claire Starke rushes off to Scotland to save her best friend from a scotch distiller she believes is involved in white slavery.  He’s not, but before she can return to England, her friend has an accident requiring Claire to stay in the home of the Whisky Laird.  Can she reconcile her attraction to this seductive man and the fact that he’s involved in an industry she’s sworn to ruin?

Escape with Donna MacMeans at Amazon

heino-passionateplotTHE EARL’S PASSIONATE PLOT  by Susan Gee Heino

Lord Dovington has decided to take over the forgotten country house he inherited from his father. It would be the perfect place for one of his infamous house parties! Unfortunately, someone is currently living there.

Miss Mariah Langley is not about to let Lord Dovington evict her from the only home she’s known. Desperate, she plays matchmaker, hoping that some unlucky belle will distract the man and steal him away. Yet while Mariah schemes to get him out of her house, fate is plotting to get her into his arms.

Escape with Susan Gee Heino at Amazon

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