Thrilling November Reads!

Giving Thanks


 The Whisky Laird’s Bed   by Donna MacMeans

Lady of temperance, laird of temptation… A spirited woman and a Highland laird learn that attraction is the most intoxicating drink of all in the second novel in the Rake Patrol series.

Coming Home: The Winchesters of Legend  by Jan Scarbrough

Coming Home is a collection of five big love stories set in a small town. Welcome to Legend, Tennessee, a heartwarming fictitious town nestled near the Great Smoky Mountains, where two generations find romance and second chances. No matter how far they’ve roamed from their small-town roots, Legend—and love—calls them home.

Marquis of Thunder  by Susan Gee Heino

A stormy encounter – Miss Seraphina Janesley is beset by troubles, and now the scandalous Marquis of Thunder plans to host an orgy in their crumbling home! But Lord Thorston is not simply there for a wild party. He’s come to unmask a spy who is conspiring against the Crown. Is it Miss Janesley? And if she is the spy, will he be able to betray her or will the gathering storm in his heart prove too much even for him?

Her Very Major Christmas   by Saralee Etter

Christmas is the Season of Miracles – Battle-scarred Major Harry Joslin never expected to inherit a baronet’s title. Now crusty old Uncle Silas wants him to marry a debutante, but Harry prefers quiet, caring Rosalind Joslin, his cousin’s widow. Will Major Harry let Uncle Silas give him his marching orders, or will he find a bride of his own choosing?

Lady Charlotte’s Christmas Vigil by Caroline Warfield

It’s 1818 and Byron is in Venice. When Lady Charlotte Tyree’s feckless brother attempts to mimic his idol and swim the Grand Canal, putrid fever lays him flat and strands her there. Venice, Christmas, a handsome Italian doctor… her life is about to take an interesting turn.

“Roses in Picardy” by Caroline Warfield, in the Never Too Late anthology

Eight  authors, eight different takes on a trope and three story elements selected on their readers. The stories take place over eight centuries; Roses in Picardy takes place in 1916 along the Valley of the Somme and Amiens, France.