The Event

It should have been like any other senior field trip. Every year, the week before Thanksgiving, high school science teacher Jill Stevens takes her senior geology students exploring in Kentucky’s Brighton Caverns. But this year isn’t like the others. When all the cavern’s lights suddenly go out, Jill finds herself disoriented, lost in the inky blackness. What’s worse than being trapped underground in the never-ending night of the caves? Emerging into a cold, silent world where every living creature has suddenly—cataclysmically—disappeared.

Except for them and whatever caused THE EVENT.

What happened to all the birds and animals? The people? Their families? Worse yet, could it happen again?

Medium Well Done


Exactly how is psychic Lena Phillips supposed to convince this sexy businessman that his deceased brother has sent a warning from the other side? David Monroe doesn’t believe in psychics, a fact that works to the advantage of the killer wanting to silence them forever. Read More



Cooke-EscapeMontana Escape, Lisa Cooke


FBI agent Alec Pierce is shocked to see the woman he’s been sent to protect arrive ahead of schedule to the secluded cabin. He doesn’t have time to call backup before the kidnappers make their move and it’s up to him to save the beautiful victim from the clutches of a sadistic killer. Now if only he can save his heart from falling for the one woman in the world he can never love. Read More

Cooke-promisedThe Promised Child, Lisa Cooke

David Walker vowed to keep his son safe, and to take his child’s secret with him to his grave. But now little Joseph has disappeared. David doesn’t know who took his son, but he knows why, and he is determined to find his boy before the rest of the world discovers the shocking truth. Read More


Herriman-ComfortNo Comfort for the Lost, Nancy Herriman

San Francisco 1860s

In 1860s San Francisco, gold buys the best life has to offer. Without it, not even justice is guaranteed. An outcome nurse Celia Davies fears when one of her Chinese patients mysteriously drowns. Detective Nicholas Greaves, however, has never let ethnicity or the size of a bank account affect his investigations. But as their search for the girl’s murderer takes them from Chinatown’s squalid alleys to the Barbary Coast’s violent streets to the city’s gilded parlors, Celia and Nick begin to suspect someone close to them holds the key to a deadly conspiracy. One that might get them both killed. Read More