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18870052_10203413267209345_576549205_oAn Open Heart, Caroline Warfield
Mild, Regency, Chanukah, Christmas

Two people who don’t celebrate the same holiday as the other folk at a Regency Christmas house party learn to balance love for tradition and openness to new ideas.  Can love be far behind?  Read More



Cooke-BooBOO! A Collection of True Ghost Stories, Lisa Cooke
Non-fiction, Halloween

For the last 15 years of her teaching career, the author dedicated the Friday before Halloween as “Ghost Day” where she shared ghost stories she had collected through the years with her students. All the stories were told personally to Cooke by the people who had experienced the unusual events first hand. Many of the tales were from students, but once word spread that Cooke was collecting stories, several of her adult friends and acquaintances came forward to share their stories as well. BOO is a collection of these stories. Read More

Etter-her-very-major-christmas-sm2Her Very Major Christmas, Saralee Etter
Mild, Regency romance, Short Story, Christmas

Widowed Rosalind Joslin is just an extra female in her in-laws’ household. Raised in India, she looks forward to her first real English Christmas.  Major Harry Joslin never expected his cousin’s death to thrust him into the unwanted role of nobleman. Still recovering from the horrors of Waterloo, he’s not ready for the demands of a new position and family pressures. His cousin’s widow is just another complication.  But it’s the season of miracles and two wounded hearts may find love blooming in the depths of a snowy Christmas day. Read More

Etter-LydiasChristmasCharadeLydia’s Christmas Charade, Saralee Etter
Mild, Regency, Short Story, Christmas

This story features some characters also seen in A Limited Engagement.
Lydia Potts knew her father, a wealthy commoner, planned to announce her engagement to a nobleman at their Christmas house party. But she didn’t expect her prospective fiancé to be in love with another woman! Anthony wasn’t usually so reckless but something about the unknown lady made him want to share a bit of juicy gossip with her. Everybody knew Lord Danville needed to marry an heiress to save his family from financial ruin, but nobody but Anthony would mention it to the heiress herself. To fix the mess he’s created, Anthony must woo Lydia on his noble friend’s behalf—and Lydia will have to decide between duty and desire. Read More

Heino-EarlsCristmasDeliveryThe Earl’s Christmas Delivery, Susan Gee Heino
Mild, Regency, Novella, Christmas

When the Earl of Bahumburgh’s simple trip home becomes a madcap journey with gold, frankincense, myrrh–even a desperate young woman and bedraggled shepherds–he thinks Christmas is ruined. But when there’s no room at the inn, he finds there might just be room in his heart. Read More


heino_ghostly_goalThe Ghostly Goal of Scary Lord Larry   (Three Tempting Tales of Lord Larry Book 3), Susan Gee Heino
Mild, Regency, Short Story, Halloween

Ghoulish specters are bad enough, but when Miss Amelie D’Arnaud stumbles into Roland Bentley, her heart goes bump in the night. In a house full of secrets, does true love stand a ghost of a chance? Coming Soon. Read More


Heino-YuletideYuletide Lies, Susan Gee Heino
Mild, Regency, Christmas

Christmas is more than memorable when the impoverished Lord Braden mistakes a fugitive for his fiancee. Casandra Loring ony hoped to find safe haven in his drafty old castle… instead she found much more. Pity it’s all a lie. Read More


MacMeans-ScotlandChristmasScotland Reunion Christmas, Donna MacMeans
Mild, Victorian, Short Story

A widow facing the fading of her youth reunites  with a long lost love on a trip to Scotland.  Connected to the Rake Patrol Series. Read More



Scarbrough-AGroovyChristmasA Groovy Christmas: A Legendary Christmas Past (The Winchesters of Legend, TN Book 3), Jan Scarbrough
Spicy, 60s, Christmas

2 Ladies of Legend novellas – Christmas 1968: A Groovy Christmas and Christmas 1969: Not Quite Christmas. Read More



Scarbrough-SantasKissSanta’s Kiss: A Legendary Christmas (The Winchesters of Legend, TN Book 2), Jan Scarbrough
Spicy, Christmas

Movie star Dawn Smith’s world is crumbling. She needs to get away from the bright lights and heartache, but it is Christmastime. There’s no way she can face her family this year. Read More

DANGEROUSNATIVITY640x960A Dangerous Nativity, Caroline Warfield
Mild, Regency, Christmas

A lonely earl, a competent heroine of dubious origins, family secrets, and three young boys…a goat on the roof, kisses in the barn, and mischief in the parlor…  Read More