Our Heat Ratings

Cooke-MediumWellDoneMedium Well Done, Lisa Cooke

Spicy, Paranormal

Exactly how is psychic Lena Phillips supposed to convince this sexy businessman that his deceased brother has sent a warning from the other side? David Monroe doesn’t believe in psychics, a fact that works to the advantage of the killer wanting to silence them forever. Read More


Heino-BrideCantCookThe Bride Can’t Cook, (Garden Falls Book 1), Susan Gee Heino


Marti Snowden is a menace in the kitchen. Her only hope to save Granny’s Diner is the cooking show heartthrob who scrambled her heart ten years ago. Easton Smith says he’s happy to help, but getting steamy with him again might be a recipe for disaster… Read More


MacMeans-SmokeSmoke and Mirrors, Donna MacMeans

Mild, Paranormal

A mysterious amber necklace has the power to grant wishes, or does it?  A contemporary paranormal short story with a surprising twist. Read More




Mason-Model-NEWModel Behavior, Janie Mason


From nine to five, commercial artist Molly Birchfield lives a lie. A victim of sexual harassment at her previous job, she now hides behind boxy clothes and plastic glasses. She keeps much of her personal life a secret, even from her friend and coworker, Scott McDowell. Especially since erotic visions of him fill her dreams. When he finds himself in need of some quick cash, Molly concocts a fictitious twin sister to hire him—for some nude modeling sessions. Scott is immediately attracted to Molly’s “sister” Mary, and their sexual relationship quickly comes to a boil. But he soon realizes he’s missing something: Molly’s companionship. Read More

Mason-ServicingRafferty-NEWServicing Rafferty (The Greenville Girls Book 1), Janie Mason

Spicy, Novella

Auto mechanic Heidi Callihan is tired of her boss treating her like one of his younger sisters. After seven years working for Rafe, what began as hero worship has grown into love—not that he’d notice. When an attractive young widow throws herself at him, Heidi’s had enough. It’s time to put herself in the driver’s seat. Read More


Mason-RedheadBlitz-NEWRedhead Blitz (The Greenville Girls Book 2), Janie Mason

Spicy, Novella

Sean Fitzgerald is a high school history teacher and the new head football coach for the Newtown Lions. The school’s athletic director is as warm and fuzzy as a block of ice, and the team’s starting quarterback is on the verge of failing two classes. So, if teaching, coaching and tutoring a player aren’t enough to keep him busy, Gigi Thompson, the sexy new assistant in the athletic office is one distraction he doesn’t need. But once Sean admits he’s fallen for her, it takes an all-out blitz to convince the redhead they’re worth fighting for. Read More

Mason-WorthWait-NEWWorth the Wait (The Greenville Girls Book 3), Janie Mason

Spicy, Short Story

High-school athletic director Al Matthews is as alpha as they come. But when his administrative assistant, Annie Marcum, confesses that she’s in love with him, quits and disappears, he’ll do anything to track her down and win back her heart. Even if it means letting down all his defenses. Read More


Maybud-SomethingintheCoffee-NEWSomething in the Coffee, Rose Maybud

Sizzling, Fantasy

Eileen knows her fiancé, Alex, is always feeling sorry for the downtrodden assistants at their law firm—and she’s worried that he cares more about them than he does about her. But when Alex plans to spike the office coffeepot with a potion that will make everyone nicer to each other, should Eileen play the supportive future spouse, or tell him he’s gone too far? Then the potion actually works…much too well! Eileen has stuck by her fiance this far — what will she do now? It will take a real magic trick to fix this mess. Read More


Scarbrough-Heart2HeartHeart to Heart: Return to Legend (The Winchesters of Legend, TN Book 4), Jan Scarbrough

Mild, Short Story

When Jeremy’s aunt gives him a second chance, he must decide if he believes in the unbelievable and the pet psychic who teaches him about faith…and love. Read More



Scarbrough-BettingonLoveBetting on Love, A Romance of the Bluegrass, Jan Scarbrough


A romantic virgin and matchmaking aunt threaten the single days of a wealthy Bluegrass chef. Read More




Scarbrough-MontanaPrequelThe Montana McKennas: Prequel (The Montana Ranchers Book 1), Jan Scarbrough and Maddie James

Spicy, Short Story

Beginning with a short prequel novella that tells the story of James McKenna and Liz Caldera, and how they came to blend their families, this series puts you on the McKenna Ranch near Yellowstone National Park. Read More



Scarbrough-MercerMercer: The Montana McKennas (The Montana Ranchers Book 5), Jan Scarbrough

Spicy, Western

Montana rancher’s daughter Mercer McKenna copes with the tragic death of her father and learns the meaning of true love and redemption. Read More



Scarbrough-KYBlueKentucky Blue Bloods (Bluegrass Reunion), Jan Scarbrough

Spicy, Bluegrass, second chances

Can Reggie save the family horse farm when Parker has other ideas? Read More




Scarbrough-KYBrideKentucky Bride (Bluegrass Reunion), Jan Scarbrough

Spicy, Bluegrass, second chances

Aimee is the only woman who ever rejected him, and the only woman Cam has ever loved. Read More





Scarbrough-KYCowboyKentucky Cowboy (Bluegrass Reunion), Jan Scarbrough

Spicy, Bluegrass, second chances

Professional bull rider Judd Romeo returns home to Kentucky and to his high school sweetheart, whom he’s never forgotten. Read More




Scarbrough-KYFlameKentucky Flame (Bluegrass Reunion), Jan Scarbrough

Spicy, Bluegrass, second chances, secret baby, suspense

Forced to work with Jake to save her daughter’s home and heritage, Mel grapples with the mistakes of her past and her love for a man who once rejected her, but she never forgot.

Read More



Scarbrough-KYGroomKentucky Groom (Bluegrass Reunion), Jan Scarbrough

Spicy, Bluegrass, second chances

Carrie Mercer can’t possibly be falling in love with the groom at her daughter’s stable. Yet, Carrie has a feeling there’s something he’s not telling her, and she intends to find out just what it is.

Read More



Scarbrough-KYHeartsKentucky Hearts (Bluegrass Reunion), Jan Scarbrough

Spicy, Bluegrass, second chances

Paperback version of Kentucky Bride, Kentucky Heat and Kentucky Groom. Read More





Scarbrough-KYHeatKentucky Heat (Bluegrass Reunion), Jan Scarbrough

Spicy, Bluegrass, second chances

Raylynn Walker recognizes Hank’s talent, and he sure turns her on. Is he really a jerk, or is there more to him than anyone knows?

Read More



Scarbrough-KYRainKentucky Rain (Bluegrass Reunion), Jan Scarbrough

Spicy, Bluegrass, second chances

Confirmed bachelor, Scott Gray thinks he’s gotten over Kate, but when he finds out she’s his new tenant, he realizes he really hasn’t put his hurt feelings behind. Read More




Scarbrough-KYWomanKentucky Woman (Bluegrass Reunion), Jan Scarbrough

Spicy, Bluegrass, second chances, single mom

Can Jackson turn an old-fashioned marriage of convenience to Alexis into one that’s for real? Read More





Scarbrough-SantasKissSanta’s Kiss: A Legendary Christmas (The Winchesters of Legend, TN Book 2), Jan Scarbrough

Spicy, 60s, Short Story

Movie star Dawn Smith’s world is crumbling. She needs to get away from the bright lights and heartache, but it is Christmastime. There’s no way she can face her family this year. Read More



Scarbrough-TangledMemoriesTangled Memories, Jan Scarbrough

Spicy, Gothic

The only way to discover the truth is to unravel centuries of…Tangled Memories. Read More




Scarbrough-TimelessTimeless, Jan Scarbrough

Spicy, Gothic, Paranormal

Will the love they shared in the past follow them into the future? Read More





Scarbrough-BrodyBrody: The Montana McKennas (The Montana Ranchers Book 2), Jan Scarbrough

Spicy, Western, Short Story

Champion bull rider Brody Caldera returns home after his stepfather’s accident only to discover things have changed big time. Read More