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About Dangerous Secrets author Caroline Warfield


Caroline Warfield has three great loves: family, travel, and writing. The first two are a big part of the third. An author of historical, family-centered romance, her work features classic Regency and Victorian heroes and heroines in not-so-traditional settings. She once asked herself if she could set a Regency novel in Rome. The result was Dangerous Secrets. Since then her characters have visited Constantinople, India, Canada and the Barbary Coast. One of her heroes travels to China next year. Just back from a trip to Scotland, she has stories that will take readers to the Highlands and perhaps Orkney dancing in her imagination. The hard work of writing them comes next. A native of Detroit, she looks forward to meeting readers at Rust City Book Con 2017.


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The Reluctant Wife by Caroline Warfield

Thanks to the Escape Artists for all their support.

Musings by Mandy

TheReluctantWife2_850Today I have the great pleasure of hosting the talented Caroline Warfield and her new release! Just feast your eyes on that cover would you!! Be sure to check out her interview below and enter the giveaway 🙂

The Reluctant Wife

Children of Empire, Book 2

Genre: Pre Victorian, Historical Romance

Heat rating: 3 of 5 (two brief -mild- sexual encounters)

ISBN: pending

Page count: 275 pages

Pub date: April 26, 2017

Long Blurb

When all else fails, love succeeds…

Captain Fred Wheatly’s comfortable life on the fringes of Bengal comes crashing down around him when his mistress dies, leaving him with two children he never expected to have to raise. When he chooses justice over army regulations, he’s forced to resign his position, leaving him with no way to support his unexpected family. He’s already had enough failures in his life. The last thing he needs is an…

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Easy Marshmallow Cake

IMG_0236 (1)

Easy Marshmallow Cake
Note: One of my kid’s favorite desserts was also one of the easiest to fix (thank goodness). All it takes is a box of brownie mix and five other ingredients. The following recipe is for a 9in X 13in pan.
For the Cake/Brownies
*Prepare a 9 in X 13 in pan of brownies as directed using either a box mix or one of your favorite recipes.

Bring to a boil: Continue reading “Easy Marshmallow Cake”

Santa’s Kiss Cocktail

Scarbrough-SantasKissAfter a long, cold night of delivering Christmas goodies, what does Santa want? Yet more eggnog and peppermint? No way! Santa’s in the mood for someplace warm, a tropical drink, and of course, a kiss from Mrs. Claus! This might be what he mixes up: Continue reading “Santa’s Kiss Cocktail”

Adding Humor to a Story

How do you add humor to a story_

By Lisa Cooke

Do you enjoy reading a humorous story? I do. I also enjoy writing them. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I could write a totally serious story if my life depended on it. Often, I have people who ask me how I come up with the zany things that occur in my stories. It’s not totally accidental, Continue reading “Adding Humor to a Story”

Hooking your reader

Untitled design (3)

By Lisa Cooke
Recently I heard an author claim that all genre fiction is a type of suspense. It hadn’t dawned on me until I heard that, but I think she was right. Now some of you are reading this and thinking since you have no dead body on the floor or evildoer stalking your heroine your novel does not fall into the category of suspense, but according to Webster, suspense is a state of mental uncertainty. Continue reading “Hooking your reader”

Cranberry Orange Tea Bread


From Saralee Etter

Note: On Thanksgiving, our family loves Cranberry-Orange Relish. This relish is delicious with our Thanksgiving turkey, but we usually have a lot left over. That’s when I came up with this great way to use the remainder. To make the relish:

2 ½ cups cranberries (fresh or frozen, 1 12oz bag is also enough)
1 medium orange, quartered (ends removed)
¾ to 1 cup sugar

Slice unpeeled orange into eighths and remove any seeds. Place the cranberries and the orange in food processor. Pulse until evenly chopped. Add sugar to taste and store in refrigerator until used.

For the Tea Bread:

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