A sweet excerpt on time for the holidays.

Sherry Ewing

It’s another First Kiss Friday and today I have my friend Caroline Warfield as my guest. Caroline has a new story out entitled Charlotte’s Christmas Vigil that is just in time for the holiday’s. We hope you enjoy this first kiss scene. Happy reading!


“Don’t get up, Lottie. Are you well?” He raised the candle to see her face better. The purple smudges under her eyes hadn’t abated.

She looked back, puzzled. “Well enough. Why did you come?”

His eyes scanned her, from the glorious hair to the tips of those graceful toes. He tried to remind himself of his professional demeanor, but diagnosis played no part in this scrutiny.

“Salvo?” Lottie asked, her voice thick.

“I’m sorry, Lottie. You should not be embroiled in my family’s crisis.”

She pulled her gown down to cover herself. He suspected she blushed rather in the semi-darkness, but he couldn’t pull his…

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